Breast Implant Removal & Reshape

One of the implications of having a breast implants is that at some point they may need to be replaced or removed altogether.  There are a number per of reasons for this including capsular contracture (scar tissue around the implant), visual changes to the appearance like rippling and mechanical failure of the implant. For some, the capsule can cause some discomfort and other symptoms so some people ask for removal for physical reasons too.

In the initial consultation, my objective is to understand your motivations, reservations and expectations. I will enquire about your medical history and will complete an examination. There are a number of choices to be made: whether to remove the implant together with the capsule (the scar tissue around the implant); whether to replace the implant and if so with what size of implant. Finally some patient might benefit from an uplift at this time also.

Overview of Implant Removal and Reshape and Recovery Period

1-2 hours under General Anaesthetic

Most patients will be day cases though some patients will stay have an overnight hospital stay in order that we can monitor initial recovery.

Follow up appointments

One week after surgery, we will check recovery and remove the dressing.

Three further follow up appointments will be scheduled for the next 6 months.

7-14 days

It is likely that you will still have slight bruising and swelling at this stage. We will advise on wearing a non-underwired bra over the dressing.

2-6 weeks

It is important to minimise the risk of damage whilst it is healing, but you can generally reintroduce gentle exercise after 6 weeks of recovery.

Risk Factors of  Breast Implant Removal and Reshape Surgery

A key outcome of our consultation is that I understand your expectations and you understand the risks.

Our consultation will establish the aims of your surgery: what it can and what it can’t achieve.

We will then discuss what will happen before, during and after your operation, what you will experience and the impact on your daily life during the recovery period.

I will describe the effects of surgery including some of the unavoidable consequences, such as the scar and areas which may become numb. I will illustrate these with photos and provide written information.

I will explain the risks of surgery such as bleeding, infection and wound healing problems and how to mitigate against them. I will also advise you about the risks from the anaesthetic such as a DVT (venous blood clot in the legs) and how we reduce these risks.

The consultation is a bespoke interaction between us to help you reach a considered and informed decision.

Please complete the enquiry form if you would like to arrange an initial consultation to discuss breast uplift and reshape surgery. This aims to answer your specific questions and is not a commitment to having the operation.
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Gallery of Cases – Breast Uplift and Reshape

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Photos showing before and after removal of an implant with significant capsular contracture. The implants were removed together with all the capsules (the scar tissue around the implant) and they were replaced with a new implants.

Photos showing before and after pictures of a patient who had removal of her implants and the capsule, who decided not to have any replacement implants, returning her bust to its natural size. 

Photos showing before and after surgery of a patient with severe and distorting capsular contraction of her old implants. She had them removed together with the capsule and had replacement implants with and skin tightening/uplift. The scars from the skin tightening and uplift are still in the red phase (three months after surgery) and will fade and mature over the next two years.

Photos showing before and after surgery of a patient who had  implant removal (with the capsule) and an uplift/skin tightening alone, with no implant replacement. The scars are beginning to fade at four months and will continue to mature and fade further over many months.