Often referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’, abdominoplasty is an operation whose aims are to remove excess tissue in the lower abdomen and give a flatter stomach. The natural bulge between the tummy button and pubic line is removed and swapped for a scar. The body’s natural anatomy is also repaired if the six pack muscles have split following pregnancy.

Following surgery, previous abdominoplasty patients have benefitted from increased core strength when any post pregnancy muscle split has been repaired, as well as a giving a firmer, flatter stomach.

Abdominoplasty involves making a long incision across the lower stomach which will leave a visible scar designed to be hidden by underwear.

Overview of Breast Reconstruction Operation and Recovery Period

2-3 hours under General Anaesthetic

Patients should expect to stay in hospital for 2-nights so we can monitor initial recovery.

Follow up appointments

One week after surgery, we will check recovery and remove the dressing.

Further follow up appointments will be scheduled for the next 6 months.

2-6 weeks

This very much depends on what your job physically requires from you and also how much surgery has been needed. You will be asked to wear a support garment under clothing during this period. This reduces swelling and aids healing.

6-8 weeks

It is important to minimise the risk of damage whilst it is healing and it can take six weeks to a couple of months before resuming normal activity levels.

Risk Factors of Abdominal Surgery

A key outcome of our consultation is that I understand your expectations and you understand the risks.

Our consultation will establish the aims of your surgery: what it can and what it can’t achieve.

We will then discuss what will happen before, during and after your operation, what you will experience and the impact on your daily life during the recovery period.

I will describe the effects of surgery including some of the unavoidable consequences, such as the scar and areas which may become numb. I will illustrate these with photos and provide written information.

I will explain the risks of surgery such as bleeding, infection and wound healing problems and how to mitigate against them. I will also advise you about the risks from the anaesthetic such as a DVT (venous blood clot in the legs) and how we reduce these risks.

The consultation is a bespoke interaction between us to help you reach a considered and informed decision.

To arrange an initial, no-obligation consultation, please complete our enquiry form on the contact page.
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Gallery of Cases – Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

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Photos showing before and after an abdominoplasty view side on. The main aim of an abdominoplasty is to remove excess skin and tissue from the umbilicus to the top of the pubic line. The scar placement at the side varies from person to person . This scar is still in its red phase six weeks after surgery

Photos showing before and 4 months  after an abdominoplasty. In this patient there was significant split in the six pack muscles after pregnancy (called rectus divarification). Here the main aim was to repair the split in the muscles together with tightening the skin. 

Photos showing before and 9 months after an abdominoplasty. the main aim was to remove the excess skin and tissue in the lower abdomen. The scar followed the natural folds and was kept as low as possible.

Photos showing before and 3months after an extended abdominoplasty. In this patient tissue was removed all the way round the sides as well as at the front. The scar therefore goes round to the back.

Photos showing before and 1 year after an abdominoplasty. In this patient the scar is low at the front but rises at the sides to remove the excess tissue at the sides as well.

Photos showing an abdominoplasty scar maturing with time. Six weeks , six months and over two years after surgery. There is also also a scar around the umbilicus in an abdominoplasty operation. 

Photos showing before and 4 months after an abdominoplasty. The main aim of this operation was to improve the appearance natural contour of the lower abdomen. The patient had multiple scars from previous bowel surgery.