The purpose of a consultation is for us to arrive at an informed and consensual decision about how to proceed. This can take time, so after our initial consultation, I will not ask you to pay a deposit or sign up to surgery during that consultation.

Although the results can be life-changing, undergoing an operation should not be a decision made lightly. I have a reputation for professionalism, honesty and transparency and I want you to feel confident that plastic surgery is the best solution.   My aim is for me to understand how I can best help you and for you to fully understand the process involved in any surgery.

After all the facts have been presented, you will receive a quote. This is a package price to cover the full treatment, after surgery care and any unexpected costs that may arise. If you decide that plastic surgery is the right course of action, I will ask you to contact my secretary to arrange a follow-up appointment to finalise the details and book your surgery.  As such I will need an initial consultation and for most patients a second consultation before we agree to proceed.

A clinical operating room, skilled surgery and regular follow up appointments reduce the risks. You will also be presented with self-care information. Whilst it may feel important to return to work or resume other activities ahead of our recommendations, adherence to our advice plays a considerable role in the success of the procedure.

If you would like to discuss making physical changes to your body, please  contact us to book an initial consultation.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Building and restoring body confidence

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Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Building body confidence through corrective surgery.
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Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Restoring your natural feminine figure after mastectomy.
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Reshaping the chest to create a more masculine physique.
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Removal of excess skin and fat for a tighter, flatter stomach.
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Reshaping of the nose to realign, straighten and narrow.
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Facial and Eyelid
Removing excess skin to lifting the contours of the face and eyes.